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Dolphins & Whales

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Today I learned about the ease of letting family help you out of a tough situation. Life has been crazy for everybody this year and I've found myself making a few big mistakes with my life choices. All of this has led to me being very emotionally drained and in need of a life make over. Luckily, I have been granted a second chance and I'm determined to do things right this time. The problem I've located that has prevented me from "getting it right" before is unresolved childhood issues. For some reason I always feel unworthy of love and find myself uncomfortable in positions where everything is right and success is right around the corner. I've continually put too much on my shoulders in an attempt to win back love I perceived to miss out on as a kid. Middle child syndrome maybe?

Perhaps but maybe it's deeper than that, I don't actually know, but I do know that it needs to change if I want to move forward with my life. Times were tough recently as many of my close relationships were put under huge strain by my decisions in the last year. I always had good intentions but I've hurt people deeply and now it's time to attempt redemption and reconciliation. It's not easy confessing to one's mistakes and working through them but it helps to have family around who are willing to see past your flaws and support you nevertheless. I am supremely grateful for this safety net in life, one that I've continually denied myself through the years out of stubbornness.

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to go on a short boat trip in Bantry bay with my parents. The so called Indian Summer graced us with a fine evening, flat calm waters and a good chance to see some wildlife. I wasn't expecting much but as we got out past the end of Whiddy Island a Minke Whale surfaced right next to the boat!

After much excitement and video attempts the message of the whale hit me, take time to surface Eoghan, life has been too hectic, breath. I take messages out of animal encounters, and this one screamed, listen to your inner voice! Whale's are deep diver's, I can relate to that, I like to go deep into things, sometimes a little too deep perhaps. This year I went pretty far into the ego and found a lot of shadows, but I guess that's what the deep is like, vast, scary and if you stay down there too long you might just run out of breath, one needs to re-surface and no better way to do it than with family on a summer evening.

Not twenty minutes later did the rebellious cavalry arrive for a bit of fun and games, dolphins, and lots of them. They chased the boat until they reached the front and played with the currents, jumping in and out of the water with such poise and control, seemingly having the time of their life. What a reminder to relax and enjoy life, loosen up, don't take everything so seriously, play for play's sake! They even look like they're laughing sometimes the cheeky buggers. They are known as the protectors of the ocean and when you experience being around them you get it.

We were amazed to see a little baby dolphin swimming gracefully beside it's mother keeping up with all the tricks and twists, I guess they're just born with these mad skills, such instinctual creatures. Perhaps, we're also like this and we just forget about all our natural abilities longing to be explored, nevertheless it was a wonderful gift to see these joyful creatures as the sun set behind us on our way back to shore.

The ocean is full of wisdom...

Today it imparted just a small piece of this wisdom to me and it will be enough to see me through for a while. Check out some of the videos we took too and blessings from Bantry Bay.


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